Cheers to an inspiring 2022!

We could devote many words to this year, but above all we look forward with you to 2022: a year full of inspiration, great opportunities and the right support for your next step. We wish you happy holidays and an inspiring new year! 

We would like to invite you to read more about the consistency scan below. Also get inspired before the end of 2021 with a number of interesting podcasts and videos with Frisian innovators below. 

Curious for the results of 2021? Check out our monitor here.

Insights into your growth

Your startup or scale-up is a crucial part of the Dutch innovation power. However, you only generate impact when you grow. Only 16% of startups grow into scale-ups and 95% grow prematurely (Gritd, 2021). This results in a very high burn rate.

Of course we want to prevent that! Therefore we invite you to fill out the consistency scan in just 7 minutes. This scan is based on the different phases of a startup and the associated data. Afterwards we would like to discuss the development of your startup with you. On to more insights into your growth!

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Get inspired

The Frisian ecosystem for startups and scale-ups: what is happening there and who is part of it? What better way to explain it than to show you. Watch our portrait videos of leading Frisian innovators and interesting podcast episodes below. Interested in continuing to watch and listen? The video page and podcast overview are just one click away!