Failure is key

Yes, you read the header correctly! Failure is an essential aspect of success. In an online world where everything may seem to go so effortlessly. When in life every step forward usually goes along with a step backward. As in life, one does not simply become an entrepreneur without failure. So to continue progress, we'd better embrace failure, laugh about it, and learn from it. That is why we are a partner of Fuckup Nights Leeuwarden. Check out the failure stories of Niels Postma and Rick van Geloven from the Fuckup Nights of October 29th. Enjoy!

Niels Postma

Knowing your target group. In business you can excel brilliantly by knowing your main customers, but you can also fail miserably by targeting incorrectly. The latter was done by Niels Postma, founder of With his startup he adds intelligence to paper.

Rick van Geloven

A painful moment with soccer hero Sjaak Swart. is rarely experienced. But Rick van Geloven was (sadly to say) one of the lucky ones! Thanks to the snugly fitting outdoor blankets of his startup Belieff, the substitutes are tucked away nice and warm.