Founded in Friesland is live!

September 24, 2020: the birth date of Founded in Friesland. We’re celebrating this with a new website, branding and above all fresh energy to continue to build a strong Frisian startup ecosystem with our partners.

Ons ecosysteem

In recent years, Sterk Fries Ondernemerschap and its partners have been building a startup ecosystem where talent, startups and innovative entrepreneurs can thrive. 

A couple of highlights of the things we were able to accomplish: 35 startups en SMEs received mentoring via the EMS-program, BeStart created a network of 39 active startups and our inspiration events stimulated over 1500 students. Furthermore we mapped out and connected Frisian startups with high quality programs.

But now we’re ready to take the next step. A new brand to generate more (inter)national impact.

With Founded in Friesland a new chapter begins, where we’ll provide startups and innovative entrepreneurs with support and an overview. With that, we’re teaming up with Founded in Groningen, to create a high quality startup climate in the Northern Netherlands. This way, we’ll help prepare the world for the future.

Welcome to Founded in Friesland!

PS: As you can see, this is a brand new platform. Feel free to look around and let us know if you notice anything. We’d love to hear from you! And of course you’re always welcome to drop by for a chat and a cup of coffee (digitally unfortunately, these days).