Business Lunch Talk

📢 Let's talk business! Entrepreneurship is not without struggles, challenges come your way so you can grow it into success stories. But only if you take on the challenge.

🌍 That our guest has created a great success story is no longer a doubt, he runs offices in Leeuwarden and Valencia with about 60 employees and encourages thousands of people to go work abroad and discover the world.

🥪We are talking about Casper Lemmen of Yobbers. He tells about his entrepreneurial journey at the place where it all started 12 years ago: NHL Stenden. He invites you to listen to his challenges while enjoying a free lunch and is happy to answer your questions afterwards.

👨‍🏫Casper always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, when he was eighteen-year-old he was responsible for recruiting staff for a Spanish nightclub, he noticed that there were many more candidates than vacancies, he noted how much a foreign experience brought him and his colleagues, and with these thoughts Grenzelooswerk was born. In 2017 the Yobbers adventure began and now he works with brands like Netflix and Google, how cool is that?

✔️March 16 is when Casper Lemmen will come by during the Business Lunch Talk. Come, get inspired and learn from the lessons Casper is coming to share!

📍The event will take place in NHL Stenden (R10), in ‘The Pit’ next to the cafeteria.

🎓The event is for students or recent graduates only.

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