Business Lunch Talk

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We all have clothes that we don’t wear anymore. We refuse to through them away, because what if you’ll like them again later or maybe they will be in style again next year? Or what about those shoes that suddenly reappear after not wearing or even noticing them for years. It’s a shame to through them away out?! Luckily the platform United Wardrobe was there to fill the void. Guess what?

On October 7, 2021 Thijs Verheul, founder of United Wardrobe, will attend the Business Lunch Talk (B.L.T.) as a speaker.

During his student days he founded United Wardrobe together with Sjuul Berden, which was sold to Vinted in October 2020. Together with his associates, he managed to build a company from scratch, with a turnover of millions.

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This events is only for students or recent graduates.

"At the Business Lunch Talk, Founded in Friesland brings you a free lunch and an inspiring entrepreneur"