Fvckup Nights x Founded in Friesland

''When life gives you lemons eat them whole", face plants everywhere. YES, this is the Fuckup Nights! No sugar coating or whatsoever, because that's what life as an entrepreneur looks like. Only by failing succesful you will be (said Yoda probably never). Time to start sharing this with your fellow failures!

Fuckup Nights started in Mexico and is taking the world by storm. Almost a hundred countries, 300 cities have already joined the Fuckup mentality. On an evening full of mistakes, bloopers and failures, entrepreneurs tell their biggest fuckups. Time to learn from, and laugh at!

During this special edition of FuckUp Nights, we grab a drink a listen to the best failure stories of three Fuckupreneurs. They started their own business, they got knocked down, but got up again. We are never gonna keep them down. In short, an evening you don't want to miss.

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