Entrepreneur Mentoring Service


Paula Bijvoets

About the programme

What is the EMS program?
A fact since 2017: Entrepreneur Mentoring Service (EMS) based on the Venture Mentoring Programme of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston. 

EMS is all about existing SMEs and promising startups with a clearly expressed desire for growth. EMS is looking for Frisian, innovative entrepreneurs with prospects for Friesland and its employment opportunities.

How does the EMS programme work?
The EMS programme matches entrepreneurs with mentors who fit the needs of the entrepreneur. The companies can set up a mentor meeting every month. 

The mentors listen to the entrepreneurs and discuss strategic issues within their companies. Think of market expansion, optimising internal business operations, internationalisation or business succession.

How can I join the programme?
The programme is free of charge for entrepreneurs, but not free of commitment. The mentors volunteer their valuable time and EMS, therefore, requires all participating entrepreneurs to prepare well for the meetings.

Upon registration, a mentor will discuss and determine the need for strategic mentoring with the entrepreneur. Admissions are determined by ambition, scalability and impact on employment opportunities.