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Your next step starts now with Friesland Squared. Your online guide to grow and accelerate your business with our digital tools and acceleration process. Friesland Squared supports entrepreneurs with their founder’s journey, consisting of many steps, from idea, to founding the business, building it, scaling it and to possible exit. 

The platform provides you with knowledge on innovation at any stage, based on Startupbootcamp’s +10 years of experience bringing startups to success. 

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Friesland Squared provides an e-learning platform where you find information relevant to each step of your founder’s journey, organized by topic per stage of the journey. 

Here you can: 

  • Learn about the most effective methodologies and tools to grow your business
  • Watch more than 50 videos on the topics
  • Access relevant external resources
  • Do and get feedback on assignments to apply learnings directly to your business
  • Work with others on your business
  • Evaluate your growth and test your knowledge
  • Earn certificates on completion of modules.

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This powerful platform built for iPhone, Android and desktop, is there to empower you to accelerate your business. We are Founded in Friesland and with Friesland Squared we are here to empower innovators! Let's make Friesland a more innovative place every single day.

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