VentureClass met Corina Prent

A lot of times people believe that entrepreneurship is strictly associated with start-ups and scale-ups. However, intrapreneurs are acting like an entrepreneur within an established company. It’s creating a new business or venture within an organization. Sometimes that business becomes a new section, or department, or even a subsidiary/spinoff. Ultimately, all entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are in it for this very reason: they want to improve the world and drive progress.

As Confucius teaches us:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Corina Prent shall talk about her adventures and challenges as a chemist who became an intrapreneur in deep tech and high tech at very large companies. She saw a lot of the world, along the way she obtained an MBA in marketing, and introduced under the radar a lot of new innovative products.

Also, in a start-up or scale-up, intrapreneurship is as necessary for your company’s future as swimming is for a shark — if you don’t do it, you’ll die.



  • 19:00 - Walk-in
  • 19:30 - Introductions
  • 19:45 - VentureClass
  • 21.00 - End of VentureClass
  • 21.00 - Networking & Drinks